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4,000 Unreached People Groups

by Duane Mabee on October 24, 2019

Did you know that more than 4,000 people groups have little or no opportunity to know Jesus?  There are 3.4 billion unreached people in the world.  The have no access to the gospel.  If a person from one of these people groups wanted to learn about Jesus, they have a 1 in 30,000 chance of finding someone who could tell them about Him. 


Did you know that 80% of Alliance International Workers live in the area of the world where 80% of the world’s unreached people live?  Our strategic forward focus includes work in 30 creative-access countries that cannot be identified for security reasons.  We are seeking to bring the least reached people access to the gospel through 4 specialized structures: CAMA, Marketplace Ministries, Axcess and Envision. 


CAMA is our disaster relief arm.  It responds to disasters globally and partners locally to restore communities and alleviate poverty.  Marketplace Ministries facilitates marketplace professionals who bring their expertise to a community to disciple those around them.  Axcess is the new name for what most of us think of when we think of Alliance Missions.  Axcess proclaims the gospel and multiplies networks of faith communities among the least-reached of the world.  Envision identifies and develops missional leaders through short-term missions experiences and innovative ministry strategies. 


The big 3 strategic themes that are shared by all 4 structures are Serving Communities through vocational expertise that impacts the whole person and their surrounding neighborhoods; Multiplying Church Networks that create even more churches to serve the unreached in their communities – and beyond; and Developing People who will disciple others with a passion for Jesus to be effective leaders in their communities and church networks.


This is what you are supporting when you give to the Great Commission Fund.  I challenge you to prayerfully consider what God might be calling you to give to Alliance Missions through the Great Commission Fund.