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An Impact Bigger Than Our Size

by Duane Mabee on November 16, 2022

We can make an impact much larger than our size would lead you to believe.  When we work together with other Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) churches throughout the U.S., we can significantly advance the cause of Christ around the world. 


The C&MA is a well-known and respected missions organization.  Our disaster relief and humanitarian efforts are also recognized and appreciated by leaders throughout the world.  I often tell other Christians who aren’t familiar with the C&MA, “You may not know us, but your missionaries do”. 


Because of the efforts of our relatively small denomination, millions of believers worship in C&MA churches in more than 80 countries.  Our people work in some of the most unreached places in the world.  In fact, reaching the least reached is part of our focus. 


3.4 billion people—40 percent of the world’s population—have yet to experience Jesus’ loving embrace.  Until a gospel presence is established among them, the U.S. C&MA will continue to send workers to the world’s unreached and overlooked.  When you support the C&MA, you make it possible for our workers to be present among lost, suffering, and overlooked people.  You make it possible for our workers to share the gospel with people who have no other access to it. 


The Great Commission Fund is one of our primary ways of supporting the global outreach of the C&MA, and the Faith Promise is a primary vehicle for encouraging that support.


A Faith Promise is an active step of faith you can take over the next year to give all people the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.  Here’s what a Faith Promise is…  We’re asking you to get alone with God and ask Him what He would like for you to give to missions through the Great Commission Fund, or by supporting an international worker directly.  The biggest need we have right now is the Great Commission Fund. 


When you ask God what He wants you to give, He may lead you to an amount that is more than what you can “afford”.  That’s where the faith part comes in.  No matter how much God asks you to give, He is also asking you to trust Him to provide that amount.  Whatever God tells you to give is between you and God – whether it is a lot or a little.  However, we would like you to let us know the results of your conversation with God by submitting a Faith Promise Card.  Whatever He tells you to give will make a bigger impact than you could expect.