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Are These Goals Ours?

by Duane Mabee on June 22, 2017
We have been working our way through the Core Values of the Christian and Missionary Alliance on Sunday mornings for the last several weeks.  These values are the same values that Jesus displayed during His earthly ministry.  You could easily argue that they should be the core values of every believer.  I am suggesting that they should form the basis of our core values as a church. 

Since we’ve been in this process for a few weeks, it will be good to review the ones we have looked at so far.  Instead of stating them again in their long form, though, let me give them in a condensed version.
  1. We love lost people.
  2. We pray because it is crucial.
  3. We manage our resources for God’s glory.
  4. We strive to obey all of God’s Word.
  5. We are actively reaching the world.
Do these active statements fit who we are here at North River?  If the “we” in each statement above is replaced with “I”, do they accurately describe you?  Could we put examples under each statement that demonstrate that they are true?
Thinking about them this way challenges me.  It keeps this from being an academic exercise.  If we value these things, then it should be easy to find examples in our lives and ministries that prove each statement.  That’s how you know they are truly core values and not just attractive statements. 

We have two more statements to go after today.  Let me give them to you below as a preview.
  1. We rely on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
  2. We take faith-filled risks and endure change to achieve God’s purposes.
Try these values out.  Kick them around a bit.  Do they describe who we are?  Do they describe North River?  Do they describe you?  If not, are we/you willing to strive to make them our goals?