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Change the World Through Prayer

by Duane Mabee on June 21, 2019
God has chosen to allow us to help Him change the world and the primary tool He has given us is prayer.  You can change this church and you can reshape this world through prayer.


Last week, I challenged you to pray in some very specific ways each day through July 1.  How are you doing with that?  I know that some of you are doing it.  We’ve talked about who you’re praying for.  Some of you are praying for the same politician I am.  It will be interesting to watch what God does in her life – especially if she gets saved, since that’s one of the things we’re asking God to do. 


In case you weren’t here last Sunday, or need a reminder, I challenged us to:


  • Pray each day for 15 days.  For some that’s no big deal, you were going to do that anyway.  For others, it’s a place to start. 
  • Each time you pray start by asking God to show you if there is any relational unholiness or personal unholiness in your life that is causing Him to go deaf to your prayers.  Then respond to what He tells you. 
  • Then choose four specific people and pray bold, specific prayers for them – prayers that you will know whether God answered.
    • Pray for a specific leader.  It can be any leader – political, spiritual, work, etc.  If you’re not sure who to choose, I suggest choosing a leader in our church. 
    • Pray for someone you don’t like.  No calling down curses on them.  Pray that God will bless them in some specific way. 
    • Pray for someone specific to get saved.
    • Pray for one of our students who is not a relative of yours.  Pray that they will develop such a rich relationship with Christ that they won’t ever walk away from Him. 


Prayer is the primary work of God’s people, and I believe God is going to do powerful things here at North River and in our community in response to our prayers.