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Don't Curse the Darkness

by Duane Mabee on August 18, 2020
I picked up the following statement a long time ago, but it sure seems appropriate in our current context. I have modified the statement over the years, but the concept is still the same.
Don’t curse the darkness. Shine a light.
Don’t complain about the divisions. Reach across the divide.

A lot of things are not right these days, but it doesn’t do any good just to point out the problems and complain. That typically stops all forward progress. To make a positive difference, you must initiate appropriate change in the opposite direction.

There are significant political and racial divisions in our culture. Almost anyone can point them out and everyone can complain. But what good is that doing? We need people who stop cursing and complaining and start changing things.
There are problems in our church, just like in every other church, but cursing (in a Christian sort of way) and complaining only stops forward progress. We need people who will bring Spirit directed change – shining a light and reaching across the divide. Our families need the same thing.

I encourage you to think carefully about what you bring to the table where there is darkness and division. Does what you contribute bring Spirit directed transformation, or does it stop forward motion?