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Fanning the Flame Update

by Duane Mabee on April 19, 2018

So, what’s happening with the Fanning the Flame process these days?  Fair question.  Let me give you some ideas.  The team has been actively at work reading, listening to CD’s and thinking through various aspects of ministry.  One of the things we have been focused on this month is the topic of repentance.  We’ve been listening to a message by Lynn Downing on what it means to repent and how that plays out in the individual believer’s life and in the life of the church.  We will soon make this message available to you in an electronic form. 


That leads me to the next thing.  We are developing a way to distribute everything we’ve been working on to you in an electronic form.  That means you will be able to listen to the same messages we’ve been listening to – messages like Creating a Climate for Change, A Call to Repentance, and Personal Spiritual Formation.  You will also be able to read the articles we’ve been reading, and the book reports we’ve been writing.  Stay tuned for more details on how that will work.


Some sub-groups have been formed and they are working on specific aspects of the revitalization process.  Lebron Sterchi and a small team has been working on the electronic distribution of information I mentioned above.  Daniel Ashworth is working on a consistent communication strategy for the church. 


Rick Hall is putting together a team to work on making sure our organizational structure lines up with our mission.  They are asking the question, “Does our organization support our mission?”  Remember, I said our mission statement will determine what we do.  This is the first step. 


We are focusing on the aspect of prayer.  In my last “Pastor’s Pondering” I mentioned one of the books we’re reading.  There are three other books available on prayer in the foyer literature rack.  Plus, you’re beginning to see some things appear that have to do with a special prayer service.  Hmm… I wonder what that is all about?  Stay tuned.  Sharron Padgett is leading our efforts around prayer. 


Karla Mabee has been learning how to help us determine our spiritual gifts and begin to use them.  The team members are serving as her guinea pigs, but at the right time we will make that available to you as well. 


We also have a small group writing the history of North River.  This will help us tell our story and worship God for all that He has done in and through this church. 


Here’s a list of the team members.  I encourage you to pray for them and ask them questions about what’s happening.  FTF Team: Ashley Ashworth, Shannon Creel, Phil Horner, Bob Howen, Duane Mabee, Karla Mabee, Doug Padgett, Sharron Padgett, Cathy Stark and Lebron Sterchi.  Also include Rick Hall and Daniel Ashworth.