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Happy Resurrection Sunday!

by Duane Mabee on March 29, 2018

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!! 


Because Jesus is alive, we have every reason to celebrate.  When the angel rolled the stone away from the entrance to the tomb, he not only proved it was empty, he showed us that our God is victorious.  Jesus was victorious over death – it could not hold Him.  He was victorious over persecutors – they could not seal Him in that grave.  Jesus was victorious over sin – its power has been broken.  Through His death and resurrection, He opened a way for us to become God’s dearly loved children; forgiven and righteous in God’s sight. 


Andrew Murray wrote, “A dead Christ I must do everything for; a living Christ does everything for me.”  That is so true.  Jesus did everything necessary for you and me to have a right relationship with God.  He paid the penalty for what we have done wrong.  All we do is receive what He has done for us, but we must receive it. 


Watchman Nee wrote, “Our old history ends with the cross; our new history begins with the resurrection.”  David Crowder put it in more contemporary terms.   “All my hope is in Jesus.  Thank God my yesterday’s gone.  All my sins are forgiven.  I’ve been washed by the blood.” 


Because of Jesus’ resurrection, we know that He conquered sin and death.  We can be assured that when He offers to forgive us, He has the authority and power to back up His promise.  He did and does everything for us.  If we have received what He did for us, our past died on the cross with Him and we received new life in Him when He rose from the dead.  We are now sons and daughters of the King. 


Those are great reasons to celebrate.  “Jesus paid it all.  All to Him I owe.  Sin had left a crimson stain.  He washed it white as snow.” 


Let’s celebrate Jesus today!