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Helplessness and Prayer

by Duane Mabee on February 13, 2020
A prayer is nothing but a cry of helplessness: “God help me.” 

When we ask at that level, God promises to give. Ray Stedman


Many Christian find it difficult to maintain a consistent life of prayer.  There are numerous reasons for that, but I think Ray Stedman’s quote above may point to one of the primary ones.  At our core, we recognize that prayer is an admission that we are not in control.  It reminds us of our helplessness, and we do not like feeling helpless. 


A central aspect of worship, however, is recognizing and admitting our complete dependence on God.  God is Sovereign over all things.  He holds all things together.  All things, including you and me, are completely dependent on Him.  That’s why the second half of Stedman’s statement is true.  When we recognize that we are helpless and need God, then God promises to intervene.  He promises to care for those who recognize and admit that they are helpless without Him. 


Worship and prayer are tied together.  Both require us to get our relationship with God right.  Both require that we learn to see Him as He is – majestic, sovereign, all-mighty Creator, loving Father, etc.  And, both require that we see ourselves as we really are – loved, but sinful and needy.  It is only when we see God and ourselves in that light that we will worship Him appropriately and pray consistently.