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Holy Spirit Power?

by Duane Mabee on October 22, 2020

So why does God give us the power of the Holy Spirit?  What is His purpose in our lives?  If you have a few minutes, write down some answers to those questions and then look them over.  I have no doubt that many of you put down very solid, Biblical answers, but look at them again.  Do most of them focus on your own spiritual well-being and development? 


Your spiritual well-being and development are important to the Holy Spirit and He will work in those areas, but they are not the only reasons Jesus gave you the Holy Spirit.  J. Oswald Sanders wrote, “One writer made the interesting observation that after the Pentecost effusion, the apostles did not rent the upper room for holiness meetings: instead they went out into the street and witnessed to Christ.” 


Isn’t that interesting?  The coming of the Holy Spirit did not result in special services for believers to enjoy His presence, or conferences on how to live in the fullness of the Spirit.  His coming resulted in outreach.  It overflowed in preaching, teaching and sharing the Word of God so that others would come to know Christ as their Savior.  The Holy Spirit has come into our lives to empower us for effective service for Jesus in every aspect of our lives. 


Sanders points out that the power of the Holy Spirit did not operate solely in the realm of professional Christian service.  “The power of the Spirit is needed as much for service in home, business, and community as in pulpit and church.  Many of the 120 at Pentecost are never heard of again.  Doubtless many went back home to live normal, godly lives.  God sees and promises to reward the unrecognized workers.” 


Church family, you need the power of the Holy Spirit to live for Jesus everywhere you go.  A person who walks in the power of the Spirit in the home, on the job, at school and in the community will make a huge impact for the Kingdom of God.  Believers who are not walking in the power of the Spirit in the home, on the job, in school and in the community will also make an impact, but it will be a damaging one. 


Let me encourage you to seek to live under the control of the Holy Spirit every moment of every day.  Ask God to develop the fullness of the Spirit in your everyday life.  Ask Him to point out to you any areas that you are not actively surrendering to His control and then respond in obedience and surrender to what He shows you. 


Spirit-filled believers who walk with the Spirit in every aspect of life will turn our world right-side-up.