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Know What You Do Best

by Duane Mabee on July 6, 2018

Highly effective organizations – including churches – have many things in common.  One thing they all share is that they have figured out what they can do better than anyone else.  They know why they exist and what they have to offer that is unique – and needed.  When it comes to secular organizations, that creates competition.  Appropriately so.  For churches, though, we are on the same team.  Christ-centered churches are trying to accomplish the same things, for the same reasons, and for the same Person.  Still, effective churches know what they can do that other organizations can’t, and they focus on it intently.


What churches can provide that on one else can is a relationship with Jesus that truly changes lives.  We can offer a connection with God that lasts for eternity.  No one else can make that claim. 


Lee Kricher, in his book For a New Generation, writes:


Businesses can provide sorely needed jobs.  Wise educators can teach useful knowledge of the world.  Self-help programs can offer effective methods of behavior modification.  Advanced psychological techniques can aid self-understanding.  And all of this is good.  But can any of it truly transform the human heart? 


I believe that only one power exists on this sorry planet that can do that.  It is the power of the love of Jesus Christ, the love that conquers sin and wipes out shame and heals wounds and reconciles enemies and patches broken dreams and ultimately changes the world, one life at a time.  And what grips my heart every day is the knowledge that the radical message of that transforming love has been give to the church. 


Church, no one has a message of hope anything like the message the church has.  No one can change lives anywhere near as effectively as Christ can.  No other organization on the planet has the success rate the church has in restoring lives, homes, relationships and futures.  No organization can do that any better than we can. 


Church, we have a message the world needs and can’t get anywhere else.  We can help change lives better than anyone.  Don’t ever forget that.  Focus on it intently.