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Memorization is Easy?

by Tim Weadon (guest author) on March 17, 2022

Memorization is so fun, exciting and easy!


Really? Not for most of us! Memorization takes effort, time and focus. Perhaps this is why most people say, “I cannot memorize”. What is your excuse?


I recall, when I was employed, struggling at times to get my focus on spiritual things because my mind was so focused on my job. Designing that “new thing” was always a challenge. Troubleshooting the new design or a system that was down and keeping the “World’s Largest Fully Steerable Telescope” from functioning. There was always an excuse for why I couldn’t memorize right now. Now, in retirement, my mind is free, but I still struggle with the desire to take the time, focus and effort to memorize. So why do I advocate scripture memorization?


Let me ask some questions first. How much time do you normally have to spend focusing on spiritual things? I’m guessing that for most of us our spiritual time is compartmentalized with times we have set aside to read and study the Bible and our prayer time. Now how much time is your mind focused on other things, like your profession, TV and social media? (The average time people spend on “Social Media” is over 2 hours each day!)


How much time do you take to “Be Still and Know that I am God”? Jesus said to his disciples that “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”. But in our day and time our spirit isn’t so willing when we can just sit down, turn on the computer or TV, and put our mind on auto. This is so much easier. This is the easy way, but when I live like this, I have this spiritual emptiness that gnaws at me. I know that something is just not right!


When I take time to memorize God’s word, repeat it to my spouse, and meditate on it when I’m exercising or doing some other menial task, I find that my life is more spiritually full. I commune with God during these times. I’m able to break away from the cares of this world and let God talk to me.


Everyone learns differently. There are different tools and methods to help us memorize. I will address some of the tools and methods I use in the future. But remember, the purpose of memorization is to help us commune with God and God with us.