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Mission Giving

by Duane Mabee on October 11, 2018

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.  Matt 24:14 ESV


Matthew 24:14 is a key verse for Alliance missions.  We believe our assignment is to spread the gospel message to as many unreached people groups as possible.  Jesus said that all people groups need to hear about salvation through faith in Him before He will return.  That’s why Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) international workers focus on reaching those who have the least access to the gospel.  Eighty percent of our 700+ international workers work among people where 2% or less of the population are believers.  We focus on areas where no one in the community has ever heard the gospel message or knows anyone who has.  We reach out to them in a wide variety of ways. 


You’ve heard a number of times recently about how well North River does in supporting the Great Commission Fund – which is the C&MA’s main method for funding our mission endeavors.  Thank you for faithfully supporting this critical work through your giving.  You are making a huge impact around the world.  So far this year, North River has given $23,724.00 to the Great Commission Fund through the general offering.


As you know, the C&MA has also developed other outreach methods that depend on sources of income other than the Great Commission Fund.  You have also been faithful in your giving to these alternate methods.  Through the general offerings, you have given $8,675.00 toward other C&MA mission efforts.  You have given an additional $1,653.00 to non-C&MA mission efforts.  Together, those total $10,328.00.  Just so you know, that number does not include giving from outside of the church or money for any mission trips. When you add in mission trips, the total rises to $21,488.73 given in addition to what you gave to the Great Commission Fund. 


I know that’s a lot of numbers, so let me give you the bottom line.  All told, so far this year you have given $45,212.73 to missions.  You are making a huge impact around the world.  Thank you!


Each year at this time, we ask you to get with God and determine what He would have you give toward missions in the coming year.  We do that through the Faith Promise Cards.  Of course, the Faith Promise Cards only deal with what God is asking you to give to the Great Commission Fund.  Remember, that is our primary method of funding mission work.  I ask you to seriously pray about what God would have you give and then let us know by completing a Faith Promise Card and putting it in the offering.