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Missions Participation

by Pastor Duane Mabee on February 20, 2018
Each year, North River participates in the worldwide work of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) through its generous missions giving.  I thought you might enjoy reading about some of the things that you have been a part of.  Recently, the C&MA sent a letter to our church thanking us for our giving to missions.  With the letter was a flyer listing 10 Highlights of God at work through the Alliance in 2017.  You had a part in making all ten of these things happen. 
  1. More than $1 Million Given in Aid to Disaster Relief – Through the CAMA Disaster Relief Fund, you helped more than 75 families in Houston and Florida and 220 families in Cuba restore or rebuild their homes.  You provided food vouchers in Puerto Rice, and 1,000 earthquake victims in Mexico received gas tanks and gas vouchers.  Your gifts are continuing to allow the local Alliance church to lead these relief efforts.
  2. Syrian Refugees Embraced – In the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, Alliance workers are reaching out to Syrian refugees, providing necessities like food and clothing as well as counseling, education, job training, and discipleship.  In Mafraq, Jordan, distribution of mattresses by Alliance workers has topped 30,000.  Every month, 700-800 refugees in Lebanon receive compassionate care. 
  3. Bible Soon Available in New Language – Eight million people living in a Central Asian country may soon have access to a Bible in their own language through the efforts of our Alliance workers and their ministry partners.  One local woman, when asked to test the translation, exclaimed, “I haven’t seen a Bible in 30 years.  This is a miracle!” 
  4. Gospel Spreads in Mexico Despite Cartel – Our new church plant in Mexico purchased property next to a feared drug cartel boss.  “He’s killed dozens of people.  Don’t cross him,” a church member warned our international worker.  Despite the risks, the congregation baptized 31 people in the first two years and desires to plant four more churches. 
  5. Seeds of Revival Sprout in Europe – Though many think the European church is dying, Alliance workers report that many young Europeans are open to faith.  Since the Alliance entered France 40 years ago, 29 churches have been established.  Alliance churches in France, Spain, Germany, and Italy regularly baptize and disciple new believers. 
Well, that’s the first five highlights.  We’ll look at the next five next week.  As you can see, we have helped make an impact around the world.  These things could not be happening without the prayer and financial support of churches like ours.  Thank you for giving to advance the gospel around the globe.