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More Onsite Requires More Involvement

by Duane Mabee on March 4, 2021

As I write this the COVID-19 stats in our area continue to improve and schools continue to move toward having students on campus full-time.  Things are opening again, and North River is looking at what that means for our own ministries.  We will continue to remain cautious, but are looking forward to more face-to-face interaction.  It has been a long year of being separated and the separation has been hard on us all. 


It is good to see more of you joining us onsite as you deem appropriate, and we look forward to having more ministry options available.  More ministries options, however, means a greater need for volunteer involvement. 


I deeply appreciate the efforts of all those who have continued to make our ministries possible.  Most would be amazed at the amount of work it has taken to keep ministry going in an online environment.  Those dedicated workers, however, will not be able to keep up as we open more onsite and online ministries. 


As we consider what ministries can begin meeting again, we can only move as quickly as our volunteer base grows.  While I want every individual to make decisions regarding what they honestly believe is best for them, I also want to encourage you to consider how and where God may want you to be involved; safely involved of course.  To be part of the Church Body means to actively contribute to the body, which can be done in many ways.  I encourage you to begin praying about what God wants that to look like for you.