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My Father Told Me...

by Duane Mabee on August 24, 2020

I mentioned the statement below during the sermon last Sunday.  The Lord impressed this on me a while back and it continues to resonate in my heart and mind. 


My Father told me not to deceive, because He hates deceit.  So, even if the words and actions I use are technically correct or “true”, if my intent is to deceive, I have still disobeyed my Father, and He knows.


Deception surrounds us like water surrounds a fish, so it has become difficult for many to decern when they are being deceptive.  For example, it is common for those who say they hate hypocrisy to have secret social media accounts.  They project one image on their public accounts, but their secret “for special friends only” accounts show their true personality.  This is so common that these accounts have special names.


As those who love and serve the One Who is the God of Truth, in Whom there is no deception at all, we should be people of truth.  Our commitment to being truthful should flow from our commitment to our Savior.