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New Sunday School

by Duane Mabee on June 4, 2018

We’re starting something new.  Starting today, we will be using the same curriculum in all our Sunday school classes.  The goal is to help all ages to be able to interact over what we’re learning.  Obviously, this will give parents an ability to have deeper conversations with their children over what they learned in Sunday school.  One of our goals is to eliminate conversations like “What did you do in Sunday school today?”  “Nothing?”  “Well, what did you learn?” “Nothing?” 


I have another goal.  One of the reasons children stay in church after they graduate from high school is that they have formed meaningful relationships with adults in the church – adults in addition to their parents.  Adults, consider this an invitation to ask our students what they are learning.  Be creative in how you approach the subject.  Ask something like, “We learned about focusing on eternity in our class today.  What do you think that means?” 


We will give you information on what each class talked about in their lesson.  Put that to use in developing a deeper relationship with our students.  Listen intently to their answers.  Don’t always correct their perspective.  There will be times for that, but for the most part, they need to see that you care about them and hear that you’re learning along with them. 


Let’s work together to create better relationships across all the generational lines.  We can learn from our students as much as they can from us.  You may be amazed at how much you enjoy cross-generational friendships.  The bounds of community that we form will become much stronger as we show interest in each other.  This is one way to encourage that to happen.