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Our Mission

by Duane Mabee on January 18, 2018
As we celebrate North River’s 25th anniversary, it is appropriate to look back to identify and celebrate the things that God has done for and through North River. 
I worship God because people have come to faith in Christ through the ministries of this church.  Others have heard the gospel clearly proclaimed.  God has graciously supported several mission fields and missionaries through North River.  The ministries of the camp, the district, and oversees missions have been enhanced by North River’s participation.  I look forward to hearing many stories like these during our anniversary celebration.  
It is also appropriate for us to look forward to what we want God to continue to do through North River.  As a step in that direction, the Board and Elders have approved an updated mission statement for the church.  It is: >
We exist to worship God, show the love of Christ, disciple believers, and share the gospel locally and worldwide
Church, that is our mission.  It comes from the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).  This is what we must do if we are going to be the church Jesus wants us to be. 
To be the church Jesus wants us to be, we must worship God in spirit and in truth.  We must learn to express our love and gratitude to Him for Who He is and for what He has done.  Our worship will take many forms as we love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
To be the church Jesus wants us to be, we must show the love of Christ to each other and to the world around us.  We must love other people with the same intensity and determination that we love ourselves.  We must love them by treating them the way we want them to treat us.
To be the church Jesus wants us to be, we must disciple believers.  We must teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded.  We must build them up to maturity in Christ.  We must train them for works of service.
To be the church Jesus wants us to be, we must share the gospel locally and worldwide.  We must witness to those in our neighborhoods and families.  We must reach out to those in our communities and we must actively participate in reaching the world for Christ.
Church, that is our mission.  May God give us boldness through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to push forward in accomplishing this mission over the next 25 years and beyond.  Happy Anniversary!