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Passing on a "Thank You"

by Duane Mabee on January 23, 2020
I want to pass on a “Thank You” I received from the National Office of the C&MA for North River’s giving to Alliance Missions.  The C&MA continues to recognize and appreciate your participation in the Great Commission Fund (GCF).  While funds and accounts may not be exciting, the GCF is our way of placing high caliber people in the least reached areas of the world so they can make a difference for Christ.  Here’s a story from West Africa about a difference we’ve helped our people make.


Seydou (name changed) was hopeless.  The young man fled there was no way out of his situation.  He thought his only option was to end his life.  In his West African culture, it is not uncommon for young people to commit suicide because of family problems, failure in school exams, lack of work, or being in debt.


As Seydou trudged past one of the last courtyards in his neighborhood, he heard a song from the Alliance radio station that spoke directly to his heart.  In tears, he entered the courtyard and asked to know more from the man who owned the radio.  He learned about Jesus for the first time that day.


Recently, Seydou visited the radio station – one of 20 Alliance stations across West Africa – and celebrated with the staff the hope he now has becaue3 of his decision to follow Christ.  All because he heard a song on an Alliance radio station.


Rejoice with us that Seydou has found eternal hope in Jesus and the Alliance radio stations in West Africa reach people who have never heard the good news.  Generous partners like you make this possible! 


Because of you, 2.5 million people now have a chance to hear the Good News.  This story is made possible because of aXcess, a ministry of The Alliance, which is supported by your giving to the GCF.