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Reflecting on the Impact of Women

by Duane Mabee on May 5, 2021

As I reflect on the women who have had a major impact in my life, some of them were mothers and some weren’t. 


My own mother was not a perfect person, but I am who I am because of her.  She and my father taught me a strong work ethic.  She held me to my word and called me out on any deception I allowed to filter into my life or relationships.  My mother has been gone for some time now, but her influence lives on.  It’s amazing how much like her I can be.  Every time I clear my throat, I hear my mother clearing hers.  I sound just like her.


Karla’s mother is still with us, but we are grieving the loss of her ability to interact with us the way she once could.  Even though I did not grow up in her home, she has impacted me for eternity as well.  I learned how to play with children from her.  She was fun loving and willing to get into a squirt gun fight with the kids almost as though she was one of them. 


Many of the women of this church have had a huge impact on our family.  Some of them had no children of their own, but they impacted Karla and me and our girls as though we were their own children and grandchildren.  We love and appreciate them (you) for it. 


Ladies – regardless of your age – you are and can have this kind of lasting impact on the people around you.  Whether you are biological mothers or not, you are a gift from God to us and to His church.  Thank you for who you are.  I challenge you to rise to the level of influence that God created you to have.  Do not listen to the voice of culture that says “you’re only valuable if…”  You are valuable, just because you are you.


Happy Mother’s Day!