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The Power of Kingdom Advancing Prayer

by Duane Mabee on February 10, 2022

What are you praying for today that if Christ said “yes” to your request would automatically advance the Kingdom of God? 


The Christian and Missionary Alliance is nearing the end of our 40-day season of prayer in which we have been asking God to reawaken His Church.  We’ve asked Him to reawaken us to the glory of Christ, and to the life, death and resurrection of Christ.  We called on God to reawaken us to the Spirit of Christ, the Church of Christ, the mission of Christ and the return of Christ.  Some of us have participated in prayer events where we have asked God to reawaken us to the lostness of our neighbors.  If Christ said “yes” to these requests, the Kingdom of God would expand before our eyes. 


We don’t have to wait for a specially called season of prayer, though.  We should be praying for things that would advance the Kingdom of God all the time.  Jesus taught us to pray “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  He told us to pray that way “when you pray”, so anytime we pray, we should be asking God to do things that will advance His Kingdom and His will in us, around us, and through us. 


It's good to pray for people to be healed, but sometimes, a “yes” answer to those requests actually keeps the Kingdom from being expanded.  Advance is rarely attained through comfort.  Do you pray that God would teach us whatever lesson He wants us to learn in our discomfort, rather than just praying that He would remove the discomfort?  Are we praying for marriages and relationships to be restored, so that God will receive the honor and others will be drawn to Him?  Do we pray for lost people to be saved and saved people to be strategically deployed in Christ’s Kingdom?  Do we regularly pray for believers to grow in Christlikeness the way the Apostle Paul did? 


Do we pray that the Spirit will destroy the strongholds that keep us and others in bondage, so that we can be powerful and effective in ministry?  Do we pray that God will put to death the fruits of the flesh in our own lives and in our church, and that He will develop the fruit of the Spirit in and among us?  Do we pray that those who preach and teach will be filled with the Spirit of wisdom and power so that they may speak the Word of God with boldness as they should? 


Church, Christ has given us an amazing tool for advancing the Kingdom of God and He has called us to use it.  We need to learn how to use it and we need to use it well.  As A.T. Pierson wrote, “We cannot make up for lack of praying by excess of working.  In fact, working without praying is a sort of practical atheism, for it leaves out God.”  Let’s ask God to reawaken us to the power of Kingdom Advancing prayer.