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Two Most Important Priorities

by Duane Mabee on January 4, 2018
Last Sunday, the adult Sunday school class looked at Mark 12:28-34.  In that passage, Jesus explains our two most important priorities in God’s eyes.  In essence, what He said was: “Since there is only One True God, you should focus everything you are – your desires and affections, your personality and uniqueness, your intelligence and will, and your strength and self-control – on learning to love Him.  And, since loving God also means loving what He loves, you should pursue learning to love the people around you with the same intensity you have for loving yourself and with the same determination to obtain what is best for them as you have for obtaining what is best for you.  There is nothing more important that doing these two things.” 
Since these two things are the most important priorities God has for us, I can’t think of anything better to focus on for 2018.  Maybe our New Year’s resolution should be, “We’re going to focus on learning to love God and other people better.”  Think about it.  Put some specifics around what changes that would require and what it would look like in your life.  Then spend some time alone with God asking Him to show you if that is what He would have you do this year.