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We Exist to Worship

by Duane Mabee on July 20, 2017
Christ has a purpose for the church.  When the church lives up to that purpose, she glorifies and pleases Him.  She also becomes a dynamic community that captures the imagination and passion of every believer.  That is why Christ’s purpose for the church must become our purpose for the church. 

Biblically, the church exists for three primary reasons: To Worship God; To Evangelize the Lost; and To Build up Believers.  This three-fold purpose encompasses all the relationships of the church.  Worship touches on her relationship with God.  Evangelism deals with her relationships with people outside of the church.  And, building up believers focuses on the relationships within the church.  To be healthy, a church must do all three of these things and keep them in balance.

Everything starts with worship.  If our relationship with God isn’t what it needs to be nothing else will be, and worship roots and nourishes our relationship with God.  Everything we are and everything we do must flow out of that relationship. 

Psalm 96 tells us that we should worship God for Who He is.  We are to “bless His Name,” and “declare His glory,” (v. 2-3).  His Name is His character.  It is a short-hand way of referring to everything that makes God, God – His personality, His faithfulness, His holiness…  you get the picture.  God’s divine attributes make Him worthy of all our worship.  He is good.  He is love.  He is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise.  He sees everything.  Understands everything.  He will judge with righteousness and make all things right.  These attributes make God worthy of worship.  If He were deficient in any one of them, we would be in dire trouble. 

Psalm 96 also tells us to worship God for all He has done.  We are to, “tell of His salvation from day to day,” and declare “His marvelous works among all the peoples!” (vv. 2-3).  God’s spectacular works of creation, redemption, salvation, and reconciliation make Him worthy of our praise.  He sustains creation by His mighty power.  He adopts those who trust in Jesus as His Own children.  He forgives sin and removes it from us as far as the east is from the west.  He protects.  He guides.  He restores.  He heals.  If God were deficient in any of His marvelous works, we would be in dire trouble. 

Worship is our response to God when we recognize Who He is and what He has done.  It is the declaration of our love for Him.  When we worship God, we serve Him.  We minister to Him.  Our focus is on Him – what He wants and what pleases Him.  We give Him the things that he desires.  We make sure that He is pleased with them.  It is about Him.  It is for Him. 

Worship is a key reason we exist.  It is a primary determinant of the health of our relationship with God.  Do we excel at fulfilling our purpose to worship?  Is He pleased?  Is our relationship with Him healthy?