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We Must be a Praying Church

by Duane Mabee on April 28, 2018

If North River is going to be a spiritually healthy church, we must also be a praying church.  Prayer must be one of our highest priorities.  Harry Reader states that “When we desire to see our churches go from embers to a flame, prayer is the spiritual element that corresponds to oxygen in a fire.  Without the oxygen of prayer to produce the flame of renewal, no amount of human effort can make it happen.  In fact, the more we work at revitalization, the more frustrated we will become – unless our constant prayers are providing the spiritual spark we need.”


Prayer is a heart to heart conversation with the God of the universe.  It works, because through prayer we involve Him and He works on our behalf.  He responds to our requests the way a loving father responds to the requests of his children.  Through prayer we develop our relationship with God.  We get to know Him better.  His heart fills ours, and He changes us.  But, prayer is also important because God has promised that He will act in response to our prayers.  That leaves the possibility open that if we don’t pray, He won’t act.


If we are going to have a healthy church, we must have a healthy prayer life as a church and as individuals.  We cannot allow anything to overshadow the ministry of prayer.  We must incorporate prayer into the fabric of our church and our individual lives. 


Harry Reeder suggests that “like the early Christians, we should ask God to do great things in our lives and ministries.  If we ask for anything less, we sell God short.”  He also suggests that we should make a list of all the great things that God could do in and through our church as it is revitalized by the power of the Spirit.  Then we should pray diligently about every blessing that we imagine and watch as God does more than we can dream of. 


God can and will do great things in response to our prayers.