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Working on Prayer and Spiritual Gifts

by Duane Mabee on March 15, 2018
I mentioned in the last Fanning the Flame Update that we have begun working on the areas of prayer and spiritual gifts.  Let me bring you up to speed a little on what is happening in those two areas. 

Sharron has accepted the role of Prayer Coordinator for the Fanning the Flame Team.  This role includes several things related to prayer.  Each month Sharron communicates prayer requests related to the Fanning the Flame process to a team of prayer warriors in Birmingham who are praying for our church as we make our way through this process.  She is also planning an Armorbearer Sunday.  You’ll be getting more information on that soon.  It is scheduled for May 20 and it will be a day of focusing on the important role each of us can play in praying for our leadership.  I am a firm believer that the quality of leadership we get is determined by the prayer support we give them. 
Each team member has also completed a review of their personal prayer life and set goals for improvement over the next 12 months.  They are working on implementing those goals now.  As part of our focus on prayer, we will also be looking at ways to help all of us improve our personal prayer lives.  Expect to see more on this area of developing a personal prayer life in the coming months.
Working on developing a better personal prayer life and identify and deploy your spiritual gifts may seem intimidating at first, but it also offers exciting possibilities for increased spiritual power and effectiveness.  A spiritually healthy church is always made up of spiritually heathy people.
Karla is also being trained to guide us through a process of determining our own spiritual gifts.  Her training has included watching the consultant take a couple of people, including me, through the process of identifying their spiritual gifts.  Each of the team members has also completed the first part of the spiritual gifts assessment.  Karla’s next phase of training will be to walk each team member through the rest of this assessment process, which will help them identify the areas where God has designed them to serve most effectively, both within the church and outside of the church. 

The team members are serving as your guinea pigs.  As they learn to improve their personal prayer life and to identify and deploy their spiritual gifts, they are helping us learn how to better help you.  I encourage you to pull one of the team members aside and ask them to tell you about these processes.  >