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Regardless of the Tide

by Duane Mabee on March 30, 2023

What an exciting day that first Palm Sunday must have been.  Expectations ran high as Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Although His transportation wasn’t as regal as it could have been, it did fulfill the Scriptural promises. 


The people’s emotions were stoked.  They sacrificed their clothing along the road to honor Him.  They triumphantly waved palm branches to hail Him.  They sang and shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!  Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!  Hosanna in the highest!”  They worshiped Him.  They declared Him their king.  They cried out that He was their only hope – their only Savior. 


I’m sure most went home or to the restaurant that day chatting excitedly about what a wonderful day it was.  The worship was joyful and enthusiastic.  They sang their favorite songs.  The fellowship was sweet.  They connected with and hugged people they hadn’t seen in ages.  It was great!  But, in less than a week, many of these same voices would be angrily shouting “Crucify Him!  Away with Him!”  It leaves us scratching our heads in confusion.  How could people go so quickly from whole-hearted, exuberant praise to vehement condemnation in such a short period of time, and yet… 


Hebert Lockyer wrote, “Christ came into His Own world, but His people would not receive Him.  Many today are guilty of shouting ‘Hosanna!’ and yet refuse the King.  The creature rejected the Creator; the sinner refused the Savior.  Shouting hosanna cannot save.  This ancient word is a prayer.  ‘Save, now, I beseech you,’ is how the Hebrew expresses the term (Psalm 118:25).” 


Joyfulness and enjoyment of worship alone are not adequate indicators of our devotion for Christ.  The volume and gusto of our singing aren’t either.  Excitement over the presence of Christ, and expectations regarding what He will do, do not adequately indicate the sincerity of our worship.  Neither does our willingness to sacrifice for Him.  What demonstrates our true relationship with Jesus is our commitment to hold tightly to Him regardless of how the tide of popular opinion turns against Him.  It is our steadfast commitment to Him, not our exuberance that shows our love for Him.